Event “Trao giải Mùa Vàng NOVALAND – Mua nhà nhận quà siêu sang”

Project information: To strengthen the relationship between customers and NOVALAND, the company organized a Thank You event with a valuable Lucky Draw show named “Mùa Vàng NOVALAND”. More than that, though this event NOVALAND wanted to emphasize their commitment and strongly confirmed that NOVALAND is the leader in Real Estate Market now. TCM executed the event in Gem Center – HCM City for more than 1,200 guests.

Idea: With the purpose of creating the elegant and luxury event, TCM had an idea to bring dedicated execution to every moment, so guests could feel that NOVALAND do not just sell Real Estate, but also bring an excellent after-sales service.

Result: The event was successful and achieved the goal of aesthetic.


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